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Boric Acid Capsules

Boric Acid Capsules

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It is important to see your doctor to be sure that you have a yeast or bacterial infection, and not something more serious which can mimic symptoms of yeast and bacterial infections. Many women who have recurrent infections find boric acid therapy the only solution to maintaining proper vaginal pH balance.

Perfect For…

✔ After sex (to keep the pH balance just right)

✔ The last days of your period

✔ Dealing with odor or hormonal imbalances

  • Our best-selling boric acid capsules balances yeast and odor-causing bacteria fast. 


One Simple, Effective Ingredient


  • Just 600 mg of pharmaceutical-grade, French Boric Acid, a mineral found in seawater (tres fancy, right?). No extra chemicals or fillers here.
  • Boric acid capsules melt when inserted and disperses throughout the vagina. So pantyliners should be worn during the treatment 
  • The boric acid powder lowers the vaginal pH, creating a more favorable pH environment which does not allow unhealthy yeast and bacteria to grow.
  • The Healthy Woman's capsules works quickly when other methods of treatment fail.
  • Boric acid capsules are especially effective for women who have recurrent infections.


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Customer Reviews

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Boric Acid Capsules

Patrice Sinclair
Boric Acid

It is very helpful i only use 1 and the odor and itching disappear i highly recommend if your suffering from itching/door it also can use after your period........ Thank me later


It is my first time using them. I haven't even completed the full dosage, I used 2 the 1 a few days after. With all honesty, I never knew a vaggi could be sooo fresh n felt so It is the first month, having my period and there was no itching or odour. I couldn't believe I was even on my period. Smell fresh right through.

Billiann Hyman

Boric Acid Capsules

Shanniel Davidson

Boric Acid Capsules

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