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Balance (Hormonal Support )


50 Capsules

Balance was made to support women’s hormonal health and promote balance throughout the menstrual cycle.

It is created with a unique blend of natural herbs, including red raspberry leaves, vitex berry (chaste berry), dong quai, black cohosh, and maca root; this supplement is designed to help relieve symptoms of hormonal imbalance such as mood swings, cramps, acne, excessive weight gain, and fatigue.

Fibroid & Ovarian Cyst Bundle


Our Fibroid & Ovarian Cyst Bundle is an all-natural solution for stopping the symptoms of uterine fibroids while shrinking fibroids and draining cysts. This bundle contains a combination of our Shinker Tea and Fibro-Blend Capsules that work together to support the overall health of your reproductive system.

PCOS Management Bundle


Our PCOS Management Bundle is a collection of products created to help manage ALL the symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).