The Basics of PCOS

PCOS is a hormonal disorder that affects women of reproductive age around ages 12 to 49. Multiple follicles characterize it on the ovaries, and various symptoms include irregular periods, weight gain, acne, and excessive hair growth. 2 in every ten women have the issue.

While there is no cure for PCOS, various treatment options are available to help manage symptoms, including birth control pills, metformin, herbal medicine, and lifestyle changes such as weight loss and exercise. With suitable treatment options, you can live as if you don’t even have PCOS because you are no longer bothered by the symptoms.

Treatment options

Birth control pills: Hormonal birth control is a good option for many women as it can regulate menstrual cycles and decrease androgen levels, which can help with symptoms such as irregular periods and excessive hair growth.

Metformin: This medication is used to treat type 2 diabetes, but it can also help with weight loss and improve insulin resistance in women with PCOS.

Lifestyle changes: Making changes to diet and exercise can help with weight loss and improve overall health. A balanced diet and regular physical activity can help regulate menstrual cycles and decrease androgen levels.

Clomiphene: This medicine is used to regulate ovulation.

Herbal Supplements 

  • -Myo- Inositol ( improves insulin resistance)
  • -Berberine (boost metabolism and balance your body’s endocrine responses)
  • -Apple cider vinegar (helps with insulin sensitivity)
  • -Cinnamon (improves insulin resistance)
  • -Our fertility and PCOS support (Balances all disrupted hormones)
  • -PCOS Reversal Tea (Balances all disrupted hormones)
  • -Resolve Multivitamin (Balances all disrupted hormones)
  • -Coq10 (improves insulin and testosterone levels)
  • -Turmeric (anti-inflammatory, decreases insulin resistance)
  • -Myo & D-Chiro Inositol (Hormonal Balance & Healthy Ovarian Function Support)
  • -Zinc (manages alopecia, excess hair growth & boosts fertility)
  • -Saw Palmetto (Reduce Elevated Androgens)
  • -Maca Root (lowers cortisol, balances hormones, improves sex drive, boosts fertility)
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